We The Fentons: Views From The Family Vlog

Like many kids these days, my 10 year old son Chase is addicted to Youtube.  He’s only allowed to use the iPad on weekends, in common spaces of the house (ie. not alone in his bedroom), and with strict filtering mode enabled (of course), and if it were up to him, he’d do it all day.  Sometimes it’s to watch a shark fighting an octopus (you’d be surprised who wins), sometimes it’s America’s Funniest Home Video –esque bloopers, but the majority of the time he’s either looking up game cheats, or literally watching someone else playing a video game… weird right?  In fact, sometimes I think he enjoys watching gaming videos even more than playing the games themselves.  Gaming channels are almost always how/where he discovers his next gaming conquest, stays up-to-date on gaming culture, and it’s basically the reason he wanted to start a Youtube channel of his own…  Read More

‘Make The Time To Play’ – A Poem To Your Child by Fisher-Price

Recently, I had the honor of being chosen for a Fisher Price video with my one year old, Alonzo. As our first mama + baby commercial appearance, naturally, the experience was fun and exciting… but it was also nothing I could have expected.  When it was our turn on set, we were asked to just sit and play and enjoy each other with the toys they provided.  Simple enough.  Zozo’s fave was the timeless stacking tower that we all grew up on, and he instantly recognized from his own collection at home.  But then, I was asked to read him a poem, and that is when the emotions started to resonate…  Read More


Although the Toronto International Film Festival already feels like a lifetime ago… some of us are still recovering from the hectic party schedule, the exciting star-sightings, and the yummy treats and cocktail concoctions.  This year, I had the amazing opportunity to spend some time filming with Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Glebova, a fellow Torontonian and the ambassador for Canadian Ice Diamonds. Check out this behind the scenes peek of Natalie at the Ritz Carlton for the prestigious Hello! Canada TIFF party, as she poses on the red carpet, mingles with A-listers, and invites them to experience live diamond-cutting!